This service (oral interpretations) refers only to Polish-Spanish language combinations.
The price depends on a kind of interpretation, place and time -all for an individual agreement.
I prefer technical topics (electrical devices and installations, constructions, machinery, etc.)

I do NOT take on jobs in the scope of chemistry or strictly medical.


One page of translation means a precise number of signs with spaces and is counted proportional to the the text to be translated.

– 1 page is 1500 signs with spaces,
– all prices are gross,
– all prices in Polish currency,
– a simple translation means 1-5 pages per day (not including the day of getting the commission),
– express translations -more than 6 pages per day.

Special commissions – prices and conditions to be settled.

All materials I receive are considered confidential.
I do all translations in person.

Price list

Spanish > Polish
Polish > Spanish
normal 30 35
technical, special
39 44
express base + 40%
Portuguese > Polish
Polish > Portuguese
normal 37 43
technical, special 47 54
express base + 40%
Spanish < > Portuguese
normal 50
technical, special 65
express base + 40%
English > Polish, Spanish or Portuguese
normal 50
technical, special 65
express base + 40%

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